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The TORRECERA ESTATE has an extension of 800 Hectares, located in JEREZ , at short distance from the City Center and near the Guadalete River.

There are two different parts;

“ENTRECHUELOS”, of red soil, half of it is planted with olive trees and the rest, bearing great slopes, full of butches and wild life, rabbits, partridges, ducks, eagles etc.

The other part, predominantly ALBARIZA soil, is dominated by a hill. There is a spectacular view of most of the CadizCounty and a XIICenturyTower constructed by the Almohades Moslem Empire at the top of the hill.

The MainBuilding is more than 200 years old and has been recently renovated preserving its original character.

The Winery was constructed in 2.008, between the Tower and the Main building, on the slope of a ridge to not interfere with the general view.

A 29 Hectares artificial lake located within an internal valley covers the irrigation needs of the property.

The vineyards are planted at the slopes of the Tower Hill and surrounding the winery.

Olive and almond trees together with cereal crops occupy the rest of the property .

The Estate is also well known for its very rich wild life.

The TORRECERA ESTATE is a very interesting visit for the wine and nature lovers.


Located just 12 minutes from Jerez and its airport, our unique venue offers you the chance to enjoy an exclusive and original experience in a stunning setting, surrounded by vineyards.

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The Torrecera Estate of the Miguel Domecq winery has a number of different areas for organising unique events in a historical setting. A truly charming venue that includes every detail to make your celebration an absolutely amazing one.

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