Known as the oldest city in Western Europe, Cádiz was founded by Phoenician settlers around 1000 B.C. and are credited with having introduced grape vines and olive trees to Cádiz.

Near our vineyards at the TORRECERA ESTATE, there are remains of an ancient Phoenician settlement with a wine press that dates to 800 B.C. and considered to be the oldest winery in Western Europe.

Ever since then, wines from the province of Cádiz have evolved to make it one of the world’s most outstanding wine regions, offering both quality and character, including the famous Sherry Wines.

The vast majority of vines in Cádiz are planted in a very special soil called albariza—a chalky white, calcareous-rich soil found in and around Jerez and which confers our wines their distinct personality.


Albariza is the soil of the Cádiz countryside. It is chalky white, due to its high content in limestone, and very porous, allowing it to absorb rainfall and the heavy morning dews produced by the Atlantic Ocean sea breeze. All these features combine to produce wines of bold character which has brought them international fame.

The vineyards that produce Sherry are planted in albariza soil too, just like all the vines at our estate, the Cortijo de Torrecera in Spanish, where all Miguel Domecq wines are exclusively made.


A 12th century tower overlooks the TORRECERA ESTATE vineyard which is located entirely on white albariza soil. It is precisely this terroir that has made the Jerez Region world-famous. The winery is conveniently located adjacent to the 38-hectare vineyard.

We have CHARDONNAY as our white grape variety and for red, we have TEMPRANILLO, MERLOT, CABERNET SAUVIGNON and PETIT VERDOT. There are also small plots of Sauvignon Blanc and Tintilla de Rota. Our selection of grape varietals is the result of extensive and careful research.


Cortijo de Torrecera,
Ctra. de la Ina Km 14,5
Jerez de la Frontera
Cádiz, España

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